Dubai New Years Eve 2016

Special Celebrations

Dubai is a city that never sleeps. This is one of the few cities which experiences high inflow of tourist all the year round. The city is known for its extravagance. The truth is Dubai is a luxurious city that celebrates every occasion with equal importance. However, New Years Eve 2018 in Dubai is a special celebration.

In fact this particular occasion unites Dubai with the rest of the world. Though Dubai is considered to be a cosmopolitan city yet it has some of its own native culture and traditional practices. However on this particular day Dubai becomes one with the rest of the world and welcomes the New Year in the same grand manner.

The tourists visiting Dubai during New Year experience an unmatched and spectacular extravagance. Burj al Arab is one of the most popular destinations for many tourists. This 7 star hotel welcomes the new year like no other in the city. You can have the complete view of the NYE fireworks right from the rooftop of Pullman Mall or from the rooftop of the Sanabel, a popular restaurant in Dubai. If you are some one who prefers to enjoy the entire firework without spending a single penny then book a place in Sunset or Kite Beach. Both these beaches are near the hotel and guarantees superb views.

The downtown area of Dubai celebrates New Year that accommodate millions of tourists along with the local residence. The celebration is unparallel, superb and a dazzling one. The entire event is a rich repertoire of cultural events, celebration, procession, music that appeals to every single individual participating in the celebration. This celebration begins with a musical performance followed by dances that are choreographed by world famous dancers.

The shows prioritize three important elements–fire, water and light with a projection that is 200 meter long. The live performance is broadcasted all over the city and the same can be viewed by 2 million viewers.

The cultural performances organized during the evening truly reflect the real life of Dubai –city that can boast of its heritage and cultural richness. Every corner of the city host live dances and artistic performances with visual richness. Almost every performance is a true representation of the diverse and multicultural city named Dubai.

Another popular location for New Year’s Eve celebration in Dubai is Burj Khalifa. This is another location where natives and tourists flocks to experience a wonderful firework display. This part of Dubai experience huge traffic congestion immediately after the celebration. It is better to reserve prior to the midnight in order to get the full view. It is best to select a location near the Emaar Boulvard or surroundings.

Hotels for NYE

Thousands of visitors will join Dubai NYE, so that you should book your accommodation in advance to get the best location to enjoy the celebrations. Popular hotels in Dubai with great services and facilities are Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Atlantis The Palm Dubai, City Premiere Hotel Apartments, Ramada Downtown Dubai Deluxe Suites, Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah, etc.